wait. that’s me!

exodus 22:21 “you shall not wrong a sojourner or oppress him, for you were sojourners in the land of egypt.”

i’ve been reading through the old testament for about a month now. i recently came to terms with the fact that while i’ve been a follower of Jesus for almost twenty years, i’m not as awesome as i think. i don’t think i’ve read the whole bible. so, i started from the beginning.

i loved the narrative through genesis. in the beginning of exodus, the israelites were totally captivating as they came out of captivity… (see what i did there)? but here i am in the middle of exodus where God is teaching the israelites how to live. let’s be honest: i’m far less interested in ancient people’s slave laws, than the family drama in genesis.

but as i arrived at exodus 22:21, i came to a giant halt.

“you shall not wrong a sojourner or oppress him, for you were sojourners in the land of egypt.”

i read it, and re-read it. and i thought: wait. he’s talking to me! I WAS THE SOJOURNER. and by his infinite grace, now i am one of god’s chosen people.

how many sojourners, aka people without Christ, do i know? how many “sojourners” do i wrong and oppress because they aren’t like me? and how often in our culture do we flee from, ostracize, and judge people because they are without Christ?

i’ll do you one even better: how many “people of god” do i wrong and oppress because they aren’t like me? how many brothers and sisters do i flee from, ostracize, and judge because they wear different cloths or sing different songs, or they don’t seem to have it all together like perfect little me… (hear my sarcasm..)

the thing is, i was utterly lost and alone without Jesus. and instead of being cast out, he brought me in by His incredible and astounding grace.

it’s time for me to celebrate when others are brought in. and celebrate those who already know him. not focusing on them looking like me, but like Jesus.

also, since i mentioned egypt, i have to share some fun pictures of the hubs and i IN EGYPT!

arab hat guy

he’s clearly awesome at selfies…

arab hat girl

these are the hats of the camel men. (because i don’t know what they’re really called).



day one

blogging world… it’s about time.

i have been in love with blogs for quite some time now. i have several that i follow and enjoy reading. in being a subtle part of this blogging world, God has given me incredible perspective into parts of his kingdom that i was completely unaware. he has given me the joy of relating to sisters all over the united states. he has revealed ugly sin that i’m working so hard to cover up, just by my reading about someone else’s transparency.

blogging is not just about putting your life out there for all to see. its about using the life that God has given you, to be a part of changing others lives. this blog is about sharing my joys, griefs, dreams, failures, heartwarming days, and the not-so-heartwarming. it is my desire that you, dear readers, and future readers, would see the amazing work of grace that God has done and is constantly doing in my life. when i’m faithful, and when i’m unfaithful. when i’m joyful and when i’m throwing a pity party. when life seems easy, and when it is devastatingly hard.

the point is, God is good. without him i have nothing. with him, i have everything. no need to hide the good, bad or the ugly. so blogging world, without further ado…

becca boyd


because posts are always better with pictures…