beccaboyddesign is on etsy!


my site is officially live and ready for sales!

this little shop has been prayed over and rejoiced over all week. my, (well david and i’s), prayer for this shop is that the Lord would grow it, and use it for His kingdom in ways our minds can’t even think of right now. from serving sweet friends who might need a little side job helping me, to eventually living overseas and beginning shops for women in really poor countries that will provide for their families.

i know the Lord put creativity in my heart to bring glory to His name. taking ordinary, or even ugly things, and making them beautiful is a reflection of what He did in my heart. i look forward to sharing the joy of creativity and beauty with so many others!

follow @beccaboyddesign and repost with hashtag #BBDinstacoupon instagram. follow me to find discounts all day!

happy shopping and happy sunday folks!


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