the salmons

so yesterday i had some free time. wait… what’s that?

i know, most of us have forgotten what that is, but it was truly a wonderful thing. while i spent my free time browsing blogs, i stumbled across my friends, the salmons. big news, THEY ARE ADOPTING!

as i sat thinking about different ways i would love to support them and get the word out, i had a “duh” moment. of COURSE i should share their story on my blog. 

follow this link to hear the beginning of their adoption story and how you can pray and support them!

david and i both believe that adoption is such an incredible calling. it shows us and the rest of the world a very clear picture of the gospel. when we were not a part of God’s family, He brought us in, by His incredible mercy. He sacrificed His son to adopt us into His kingdom. what better way to celebrate the gospel together than to share in this adoption with the salmons!?

happy friday friends!


One thought on “the salmons

  1. You are a saint! Thanks for sharing this Becca! What an encouragement and blessing to have friends like yourself.

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