Becca + David 229_2

when i think about what to write “about me,” the truth is, i’ve become an “us.”

it’s a beautiful thing really, when your hopes and dreams are all tangled up in someone else’s hopes and dreams. suddenly there are two of you, and it feels like you can conquer every. single. one. of. them.

my name is becca boyd. i am married to my best friend in all the world, david boyd.

we love jesus. we love each other. we dream big.

all this considered, here is the reality of life together: it’s incredibly hard, it’s incredibly sharpening, it breaks expectations and exceeds them, it comes with more emotions than i ever knew i had, good and bad. it’s totally worth it.

it’s Jesus who holds us together. without him… we. don’t. work. Jesus changes everything. so talking about us, means talking about Jesus.

to wrap up, here are some little facts about us:

we can’t wait to move overseas

we have a LOT of debt

we have really different ideas about spending money (i want to spend money all the time)

david likes super gross foods like olives and mayo

i can’t get enough sugar in my diet

i’m obsessed with good coffee

we like to try to eat healthy

we would go fishing everyday if we could


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