project simple life-GIVEAWAY

it’s been a few days, but there has been a lot going on at the boyd house. we are beginning “project simple life.”

“project simple life” is really a just a name that i gave to an idea so that it would be a more tangible goal for me. we have SO MUCH STUFF. mind you, we have had a massive yard sale that brought in over $300, given away several boxes and bags to goodwill, and let some friends go through our stuff. its so easy to feel the need to hold on to stuff. honestly, it has just begun to make me feel cluttery and stressed.

i began with under the bathroom sink- forgot “before” pics

photo 4(6) photo 5(5)

now i do realize that it still looks like a lot, but it’s a work in progress. at least there are bins for everything, and the stuff that we use the most is the most accessible!


now on to my craft stuff! again, i forgot “before” pictures, but let me just tell you, it looks a lot better, yet i’m still working in there too…

photo 2(7)photo 3(9)

i believe that mason jars belong in every room : )


now my biggest project… getting rid of clothing. i have this problem where i keep everything. i think to myself, maybe it will fit again. maybe i’ll find an outfit for that jewelry. i kind of like those shoes. the fact is, more than half my cloths had no business being in my closet. AND all my winter and spring and fall and summer was all mixed together which makes picking an outfit a nightmare… so without further ado…


photo 1(8) photo 2(8) photo 3(8)

photo 1(9)


photo 4(7) photo 5(6) photo 1(7) photo 2(9)photo 3(7)


it feels good people. i have two massive piles of cloths, a bag of cloths, a bag of shoes and a bag of jewelry that i am saying goodbye to. project simple life is off to a good start.

to celebrate, i thought i would encourage you all to organize and get simpler with a $10 TARGET GIFTCARD giveaway!! have fun finding a cute trashcan, or organizer bin… shoe rack, or tie hanger!! you have till sunday to enter on the side bar of my blog… it’s fast and easy, just follow the link! happy entering!

p.s. mobile readers, you will find the raffle when you scroll all the way to the bottom of my home page!


day one

blogging world… it’s about time.

i have been in love with blogs for quite some time now. i have several that i follow and enjoy reading. in being a subtle part of this blogging world, God has given me incredible perspective into parts of his kingdom that i was completely unaware. he has given me the joy of relating to sisters all over the united states. he has revealed ugly sin that i’m working so hard to cover up, just by my reading about someone else’s transparency.

blogging is not just about putting your life out there for all to see. its about using the life that God has given you, to be a part of changing others lives. this blog is about sharing my joys, griefs, dreams, failures, heartwarming days, and the not-so-heartwarming. it is my desire that you, dear readers, and future readers, would see the amazing work of grace that God has done and is constantly doing in my life. when i’m faithful, and when i’m unfaithful. when i’m joyful and when i’m throwing a pity party. when life seems easy, and when it is devastatingly hard.

the point is, God is good. without him i have nothing. with him, i have everything. no need to hide the good, bad or the ugly. so blogging world, without further ado…

becca boyd


because posts are always better with pictures…